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Root Canals

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Unfortunately, everyone has harmful bacteria in their mouth. They can create cavities if you don’t take good care of your teeth. They can also work their way inside your tooth and create a painful infection. You can save your tooth and relieve the pain with a root canal at our Phoenix, AZ dental office.

When Tooth Decay, Infection Attack

The usual culprit behind an infected tooth is harmful bacteria. They live on and around your teeth, feeding on the small particles of food and drink debris that get stuck in your mouth. They secrete an acid, which eats away at your enamel. This is what causes cavities. If not taken care of, a cavity can break through to the pulp. This is how bacteria infect it.

While uncommon, your tooth could also need a root canal treatment because of an accident. If a tooth gets hit hard enough, the pulp inside can get inflamed. This causes the same symptoms, and often, the inflamed pulp needs to be removed just like infected pulp.

Symptoms Of An Infected Tooth?

The most obvious symptom of an infected tooth is chronic pain. Since your dental pulp is home to nerve endings, an infection there will trigger pain. These toothaches can be constant or can flare up from time to time. Other symptoms include sensitivity to heat or cold, pain when chewing or pressing down on the tooth, and tender gums around one tooth in particular.

As with many health problems, this one will not go away on its own. Without a root canal, you run the risk of having an abscess at the tooth’s root. Eventually, your tooth will die.

Getting a Root Canal

Root canals are no more painful than getting a cavity filled. Dr. Cavendish begins by using local anesthesia. Then a small hole is made in the tooth. The infected pulp is gently and carefully removed. Laser dentistry treatments help sanitize the canal. On a second appointment, the space left behind by the removed pulp is filled with gutta-percha. This is heated slightly so it expands and fully fills the space. Finally, the tooth is sealed by an inlay or onlay and a dental crown. When all’s said and done, your tooth will be healthy and pain-free.

Dental Laser Reduces Discomfort

In a traditional root canal treatment, a dentist will remove the infected pulp and “clean” the canal, often using a sterilizing liquid. This is good, as you don’t want the infection returning. At our Phoenix, AZ dental office, we can use a dental laser to do that instead. Laser dentistry is painless. The heat it brings is just strong enough to remove infected debris. With laser dentistry treatments, you get a more powerful sterilizing effect.

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