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Help, I’m in Pain or Have Discomfort With My Teeth!

Pain management is a serious problem for many people. While you cannot expect to live a pain-free life, you shouldn’t have to live with dental pain. At our Phoenix, AZ dental office, our skilled dentist can identify why you are in pain and offer treatments to relieve it.

What If I’m Having A Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can be very painful, but we can help. If you are bleeding, use a sterile gauze or cloth to stop it. If you can’t get it to stop, you should visit the nearest emergency room. Once the bleeding is done, call us at 602-842-6504. You are often able to get same-day emergency appointments at our North Phoenix, AZ dental office. Until then, you can take OTC pain relievers if they do not have aspirin in them. Rinse off any tooth that fell out, try to place it back in your mouth or put it in a container of milk, and bring it with you to your appointment.

Why Do I Have A Chronic Toothache?

Bacteria cause cavities and periodontal disease. If they get through the enamel, they can also cause an infection inside your tooth. Since this is where the tooth’s nerve endings are found, the infection can be very painful. Dr. Cavendish can perform a root canal to relieve the dental pain and save your tooth. First, he makes a small hole in your tooth so he can access the infection. Then he carefully removes the infected tissue, filling the small space left behind with an inert material. He may also place a dental crown on top. Your toothache is gone.

Can I Have Pain From A Cavity?

Not every toothache is from a bacterial infection on the inside. Your teeth are protected on the outside by enamel. The enamel also keeps your nerve endings within the tooth from getting triggered. When bacteria thrive on your enamel, they corrode it and create small holes called cavities. Even if a cavity is not deep enough to break through to the nerves, it could make the enamel thin enough for you to feel pressure and thus trigger your nerve endings. You need to fix that cavity fast. Tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns can all do that.

Why Does My Jaw Hurt?

You have two joints that connect your lower jawbone to your skull. Whenever you eat, drink, or talk, you’re using these joints. Some people overwork these joints and develop a condition known as temporomandibular disorder (TMD, also known as TMJ disorder). With this disorder, your jaw can be stiff or even hurt when using it. It can also make strange noises. We can help. We can provide a dental appliance that helps your joints rest and heal at night. We can also use laser therapy to stimulate growth, blood flow, and healing in your joint muscles.

Dr. Matthew Cavendish was born and raised in Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate degree and then went on to graduate from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

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