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Dental Veneers

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Having damaged and stained teeth can be tough. You won’t want to smile as much. Your confidence can even be lower since you aren’t proud of the way your smile looks. Dental veneers in Phoenix, AZ can improve both your appearance and confidence. Our dental office offers several cosmetic dentistry treatments, but dental veneers are hard to beat. They work as soon as they are placed, and they can turn a troubled smile into something to be proud of.

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The Power of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that are shaped to fit perfectly on the front of your visible teeth. They are bonded to your teeth, so they stay where they are placed. Instantly, you’ll get a smile that looks and feels great. That’s because veneers are made to look like healthy, white versions of the teeth they are bonded to. If your teeth have stains, cracks, chips, or anything that makes them look damaged and unattractive, veneers will completely hide those problems.

How Veneers Can Help Teeth

There are really two ways dental veneers help your teeth: appearance and protection. Veneers are mostly a cosmetic dentistry treatment. Once they are placed on your teeth, imperfections and stains are completely hidden. They’re replaced with the smooth, white look of healthy teeth. Veneers can cover small gaps between teeth and make crooked ones look straight again. As soon as veneers are bonded to your teeth, you’ll have a dazzling smile that looks amazing.

However, veneers also protect your teeth. Damage like cracks and chips can get worse over time. All of that chewing puts pressure on your teeth, which can slowly but surely make damage worse. Veneers seal up chips, cracks, and similar damage. These problems can’t get any bigger because the veneers add a new layer of protection to your teeth.

How We Place Dental Veneers

Before veneers are placed, you’ll work with our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Matthew Cavendish, to find the right shade of white for your smile. Then he’ll take accurate measurements of your teeth. Once a lab is finished making your veneers, Dr. Matthew Cavendish will carefully and artfully place them on your visible teeth. Then you are done! Your smile now looks so much better.

Prepless Veneers: No Drilling, Enamel Removal Required

Although regular veneers are thin, they would stand out on your teeth essentially by adding another layer. To combat this, you must have a thin layer of tooth enamel removed first. That way, the veneers will fit properly and look natural in your smile. However, we offer Lumineers at our Phoenix, AZ dental office. These are made from a special material that is very strong yet very thin. In fact, these are so thin that you will keep all of your enamel. Your teeth don’t need to be prepared; that’s why Lumineers are considered prepless. But they still make your smile look white, healthy, and amazing.

Dr. Matthew Cavendish was born and raised in Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan for his undergraduate degree and then went on to graduate from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

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