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Botox® and Dermal Fillers

A smile shapes your face and is perhaps the biggest contributor when it comes to making a first impression. But a smile involves more than having great teeth and gums. Dr. Cavendish and his team are experts in using comfortable, safe techniques to relieve muscle tension or eliminate wrinkles in your face. With BOTOX and dermal fillers, we can fix cosmetic dentistry issues and address facial wrinkles within a few seconds! Call our Phoenix, AZ dental office today at 602-842-6504 to schedule a free consultation.

Reduce Wrinkles and Look Younger

Pesky wrinkles or facial stiffness can derail a good smile or even make you look older than you are. Dr. Cavendish, a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, has a quick, pain-free procedure to get rid of these problems.

BOTOX and dermal fillers are FDA-approved procedures used to smooth out the wrinkles in the face and relax muscles. Dr. Cavendish offers this treatment for the eyebrows, lips, chin, and nose.

For your ultimate comfort, Dr. Cavendish can provide a local anesthetic when administering BOTOX and dermal fillers – something you can’t get at a spa that offers these treatments.

How BOTOX and Dermal Fillers Work

Dr. Cavendish is one of a few dentists in Arizona who uses BOTOX and dermal fillers for wrinkles and facial tension. These treatments block the signals to the muscles and nerves to help tissue and wrinkles relax. In dentistry, BOTOX and dermal fillers can be used to relieve joint and muscle pains, specifically to relieve tension from the TMJ.

But it’s just not for joint and muscle pains. Denture wearers can also benefit from Dr. Cavendish’s BOTOX or dermal fillers. Here’s why: People without teeth experience bone and muscle changes. As a result, these patients often develop wrinkles around the mouth. With the help of BOTOX or dermal fillers, denture wearers can see wrinkles disappear and knock years off their appearance.

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Call today at 602-842-6504 to schedule a free consultation. At our Phoenix, AZ dental office, BOTOX and dermal fillers can be rendered without pain and work instantly. By giving us a few seconds of your time, we can eliminate your wrinkles and facial tension. You’ll leave our office feeling better and with a more youthful smile.

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