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Don’t Let Christmas Treats Ruin Your Family’s Smiles

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Christmas will soon be here, and so will all that sugar. Don’t let your family’s smiles get ruined by the holidays. Call us today at 602-842-6504 and schedule an appointment for dental cleanings and dental exams. By taking care of your family’s teeth, you can help them stay healthy despite all the extra treats and food that come with Christmas fun.

Increased Risk Of Cavities And Gum Disease

When it comes to Christmas, there are two main dental problems you have to watch out for: cavities and gum disease. That’s because Christmas is often when your family eats much more sugar than they normally would. Christmas cookies, sweet drinks, and more leave sugar behind in the mouth after being eaten.

That’s a problem. Your family’s mouths are home to harmful bacteria. They secrete an acid that causes cavities and gum disease. They can feed off just about anything, but they go crazy for sugar. The more sugar you eat, the more they’ll grow and spread. That’s why sugar is bad for your teeth.

That’s also why you need to call our Phoenix, AZ dental office today and schedule dental cleanings and dental exams. Both are needed to help your family’s smiles survive the sugar-laden holidays. Thankfully, Dr. Cavendish has the advanced training and practical experience needed to help spot and treat your family’s dental problems. Avoiding those problems is even better, which is why dental cleanings are so important.

How To Protect Your Family’s Smiles This Christmas

Until you can come to our Phoenix, AZ dental office, here are some tips to help your family’s smiles get through this Christmas without a problem.

– Help everyone stick to their routines of brushing and flossing.

The holidays can get chaotic. No school, lots of travel, out-of-town guests, and more can disrupt everyone’s routines. But because your family will probably eat a lot more sugar than they normally do, they need to stick to dental health routines more than ever.

Talk to your family about the importance of brushing and flossing no matter what. One trick is to take their toothbrush and place it on their pillow. As they head to bed, they can’t help but remember they should brush and floss.

– Get rid of the candy canes.

Candy canes are a traditional Christmas treat. Many people even use them as decorations on the tree. Decorating with these is fine, but your family should give up eating them. Sugar increases your risk of cavities and gum disease. Candy canes are almost 100% sugar.

Sucking on candy canes turns that sugar into a liquid that coats your teeth and gums. Chewing on candy canes is bad too. They’re so hard, chewing on them can damage the enamel. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying something sweet at Christmas, but candy canes are just not worth it.

– Avoid sticky treats like caramel and toffee.

Liquid sugar isn’t the only stuff that coats your family’s teeth and gums. Sticky sweets like caramel and toffee get stuck all over your mouth. Even drinking something may not get rid of it. That’s like you’re setting the dinner table for the bacteria behind cavities and gum disease.

Again, you don’t need to ban sweets and desserts this Christmas to protect your teeth. You just need to help your family make good choices. Skip sticky desserts this year to help deprive harmful bacteria of what they need to cause more problems.

– Don’t let your family use their teeth as tools.

Lots of Christmas presents come in hard-to-open packaging. It can be tempting to use your teeth to help open that packaging, but don’t. Such packaging is often tough enough to hurt your gums should you slip. You can even hurt your teeth that way.

Keep a pair of scissors on hand when it’s time to open presents. Also, remind your family that teeth are not meant to act like an extra set of hands. No one should hold things in their mouth with their teeth. One trip later, and you might have a dental emergency.

– Instead of brushing right after eating, rinse with water.

Some foods like vinegar, citrus, and fruit juices are highly acidic. That means your family coats their teeth in acids when they enjoy those foods and drinks. If they brush right afterward, they’re actually grinding that acid deeper into the enamel.

Have your family wait at least 45 minutes before brushing. In the meantime, have them rinse and drink plain water. This can wash away both acid and food particles that feed those harmful bacteria.

Call us TODAY at 602-842-6504 or use our convenient online form to schedule dental cleanings and dental exams for everyone in your family. Dr. Cavendish can see children as young as five years old. Together, we can help your whole family avoid cavities and gum disease this Christmas.

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