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Dental Sedation Benefits You Might Not Know

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If you are worried about visiting the dentist, call us today at 602-842-6504 and schedule an appointment to include dental sedation. Dr. Cavendish has the training and experience to know oral medication is often just what you need. Don’t let anxiety stop you from getting the dental care you need.

Why You Might Experience Dental Anxiety

Many people in the US have some form of dental anxiety. For some, it becomes a debilitating thing that prevents you from taking proper care of your teeth and gums. Where does this come from? Every dental anxiety case is different, but some common causes include:

  • Bad dental experience when you were a kid.
  • Stories others have told you about their bad experiences.
  • Not being able to predict what problems there are with your teeth and gums.

If you are having trouble getting dental treatments you need, including a thorough dental exam and dental cleaning every six months, call our Phoenix, AZ dental office today. Dr. Cavendish fully understands how some people worry about visiting the dentist. With dental sedation and a relaxing environment, you can finally get past your anxiety and get back to having a healthy smile.

How Dr. Cavendish Can Help With Dental Anxiety

At Matthew J. Cavendish, DDS, PLLC, there are several ways we can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable with your dental treatment.

The biggest help often comes from dental sedation. Dr. Cavendish has trained in several such methods, and he has found oral medication to be the most helpful. This is a small pill you take about one hour before your appointment. It induces a deep, relaxed feeling.

Unlike some other methods, you will likely stay awake. That’s a good thing, as it allows you to communicate with Dr. Cavendish about how you are feeling. Although you’ll be awake, you’ll be so relaxed and comfortable that anxiety won’t bother you.

However, there’s more help than just oral medication. Our entire staff is trained to help you feel welcome and comfortable at our Phoenix, AZ dental office. You can also have longer appointments so you won’t feel rushed and have more time to relax.

Unusual Benefits Of Dental Sedation

Dental sedation helps you get the treatments you need for a healthy smile. However, they also have some little-known benefits.

– Dental sedation can save you time and money.

Visits to the dental office take work on the part of the office staff. They need to plan for your visit, clean the tools, and so on. That means each visit comes with charges and fees. If you need several dental treatments, you can use dental sedation to help you get through them all in one visit.

Not all treatments can be combined this way. But if you need two dental crowns placed, dental sedation might allow you to get both placed in one visit. That’s because you’ll be so relaxed that you can sit back and get the work done much more easily. Each visit you can skip thanks to sedation dentistry saves you time and money.

– Dental sedation can suppress a sensitive gag reflex.

Some people are born with a sensitive gag reflex. That means they can start to gag pretty easily when something is put in the mouth. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a dentist needs to do. If you start to gag when our hygienist tries to clean your back teeth, that’s a problem.

Thankfully, Dr. Cavendish is well-trained to offer a solution. Dental sedation can relax your gag reflex as well. After taking oral medication, you could find it much easier to get through your dental appointments without triggering your gag reflex.

– Dental sedation can help you look forward to dental visits.

Part of the problem with dental anxiety is that it’s self-fulfilling. If you are worried and tense about a dental treatment, it will be harder to get through it. That gives you a bad experience, which feeds your anxiety.

Oral medication from a highly trained dentist like Dr. Cavendish can reverse that cycle. You can have a relaxing time at our Phoenix, AZ dental office. This makes the experience enjoyable, which means you start to look forward to future visits.

Call us TODAY at 602-842-6504 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment to include dental sedation. Whether you just need your twice-yearly dental exam and dental cleanings, or you need something more involved like a dental crown, sedation dentistry from Dr. Cavendish can help you feel relaxed about it all.

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