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Back in 2007, Dr. Matthew Cavendish began his own dental practice in North Phoenix, AZ. Since then, we have been serving the communities of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and more with some of the best dental care in the area. How do we do this? Through advanced training and technology, a safe and comfortable office, and comprehensive dental treatments.

Advanced Training & Technology

Dr. Cavendish sets a very high standard for himself. He’s determined to provide accurate, fast dental care. That’s why he keeps taking continuing education courses, studying dental implant procedures, cosmetic dentistry treatments, Invisalign, sleep apnea, and much more. His staff often joins him at lectures to stay on top of new dental trends and research.

That’s why you can get some modern treatments as well. DIAGNOdent spots cavities too small to see. Dental lasers can remove diseased gum tissue, reshape gums, and even whiten teeth. Laser dentistry can also help gum grafts and bone grafts work and heal faster. All of our X-rays are digital, and our intraoral cameras can give us a complete image of your teeth.

Safe, Comfortable Environment

We know that dental anxiety is a problem for some people. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable dental office. You can get pillows, headphones, and more to make your stay that much more relaxing. For some patients, we can even prescribe medication to help get rid of dental anxiety.

We also go to great lengths to keep our dental office clean and safe. All instruments are sterilized completely after use. We also follow the standards recommended by the CDC, OSHA, and the American Dental Association to ensure your safety.

Comprehensive, Modern Dental Treatments

You and your family can have many different dental needs. That’s why offer a wide range of modern dental treatments. If your smile looks worse for the wear, cosmetic dentistry can make it bright and white again. Restorative dentistry can repair damaged teeth so you can eat without pain or difficulty. Oral surgery can replace missing teeth and help with problems in your gums and jawbone. You can also get treatments for TMJ pain and sleep apnea, two conditions that are widespread and can be very debilitating. Of course, we offer the regular dental cleanings and dental exams everyone needs twice each year.

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